Sunday, July 3, 2011

Full weekend in process

My friend Kierstan, who I havent seen in 5+years, came to visit Seattle for two nights on Thursday and we made sure to achieve as much mischief as possible! She went back home to Spokane today, but I am following suit and going there tomorrow til Tuesday. My dad is forcing me to go to his estranged father's family reunion that hasnt happened in over 30years apparently... I was told by my dad and his two siblings that I am in for a lot of heckling and shit-talking from said side of the family while I am there due to the fact that I have so many visible tattoos.... Yay. (not)

Back to mischief--- Kierstan hadnt been to Seattle since being old enough to go to bars so I took her to one of my very favorites in Fremont called Brouwers. I have no clue how to put pictures where I want them so look for pics below.. She is down there somewhere, enjoying her wine bottle sized Troubadour Stout.

And then last night, the two of us went to see our friend's band play a show in Seattle. Theyve been touring tons in the past couple of years and I had yet to watch so I figured I would bite the bullet. Afterward, we went to visit Kierstan's mom at Emerald Queen Casino in the lovely Tacoma.... Got a "VIP" booth in the "club" and enjoyed listening to some house band perform tons of radio hits. It was kind of awesome.

Now after two nights of these mentioned and unmentioned events, it was no surprise that I was exhausted. Once we got back from the crazy casino we stayed up even later and I got no sleep before taking her to the bus station this morning. And of course, because the weather was fan-freakin-tastic today I had to stay awake to enjoy it! So directly after dropping her off, I headed to another friend's house to make a trek out to Darrington, Wa for a nice hike. What a day! Long story short, it takes two hours to get to Darrington, and the hike itself is 7miles roundtrip, and is also IMPOSSIBLE to find the trailhead.... so what we really ended up doing was driving around on old mountain logging roads trying to find the damn trail! We still got a few pictures snapped of spectacular views of the mountains and such, so at least it will somewhat look like we accomplished going on a hike..... Ill add a pic or two below of some of the trail we did see and the views we did have.

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