Thursday, July 7, 2011

Not my best day

After years and years of back pain, a year of recovering from dislocating my knee + pain, seeing several doctors and therapists, and just a mere few weeks of agonizing hip pain, -- I went to see a hip specialist this morning. My physical therapist had referred me to this specialist and said that he would likely tell me I needed to get an arthogram mri. ( for those of you who dont know, that is not your typical mri, it is a somewhat invasive procedure where they insert a giant needle directly into your pelvis which injects a contrast dye in your hip socket before you get the normal mri ) google it and try not to be squeamish or anxious, youre awake for this procedure mind you.

Now before I arrived to this appointment this morning, I was trying my best to remain optimistic and not worry about whether I would need this arthogram. I tried to convince myself that maybe it was just a muscle issue and would recover on its own with the right therapy and rest. I figured trying to maintain low stress would help more than freaking out. So, I get to my appt. and the doctor after a full hour of roughly throwing my leg around in all sorts of twists and turns, and making me walk on my tiptoes and heels and bend and stretch and turn, etc, has me get an xray on my hip. Once that is completed, we return to the exam room to talk diagnosis. Here is where it all goes to sh*t-
I wish I could pronounce everything he said but I did pick up a few things which included lumbar-something sprain, sacroiliatic fracture and something, femoral impingment and another type of impingment. (oh and throw in my knee too with recurring patellar subluxation and loose tracking) All of which he spouts off too fast for me to keep up and react, and then I hear those infamous words I was dreading, arthogram mri and surgery. Surgery that will have a recovery time of 9-12mos, and once that recovery is finished, then a possible knee surgery to re-position my kneecap and shave off some scar tissue in the knee.


And now having to think about how I am going to afford this, even with insurance. And how I am going to be able to work, with a hip surgery recovery in my near future. This is an ugly system of healthcare we have in america. I wish I were rich to take care of this easily.

Thats my complaint for now.
At least Harry Potter is coming out in a week.

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