Monday, July 4, 2011


I will of course to do more work on this specific entry upon my return to the west side of the state (tomorrow)

Currently getting ready for the day, about to leave to go get my harry potter tattoo done, then onto the family reunion. My dad's aunt, mary, owns this INCREDIBLE house RIGHT on the river in downtown Spokane. She has owned and lived it in for over 40years, and before she owned it, her parents did. It just happens to be right next door to the house used for the johnny depp movie, benny and joon. I will post a pic of the b&j house later (tomorrow), I will put the pictures up of my aunts and her view cause it is quite fantastic!

Last night, for the first time since being old enough to, I went to a bar in downtown spokane called monterey cafe. It is a fake surfer bar with karoake and I had a pretty good time there! thanks kompton for not blowing it completely for me on this short visit here.

to be continued.....

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