Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Kompton Part Deux

So as it turns out, the family reunion wasnt as awful as I thought it was going to be. My dad gave me the impression that the family was going to criticize me the entire time, when in reality, they were going to be drinking and socializing with everyone else instead. phew. I cant wait to get all these pictures uploaded correctly so you can see the things I did during this reunion. My aunt's house is pretty fascinating, as she is a borderline hoarder/collector of all things knick knack related. She has managed to cram all these things into her small looking home over the years, and in a somewhat orderly fashion. If you ask me though, I would say she is just a clean version of a hoarder. Here are a few pictures of some of the things inside of her house as well as some of the views from around her property and yard. Her house is right on the river in downtown spokane in a neighborhood called peaceful valley. The sequence of these pictures has no rhyme or reason to it so just go along and enjoy the brilliance that is my cell phone's camera... Also, click to see the larger image-- I dont like huge photos taking up the space so you can put up with a window opening to get a better image!

here is one of my favorite features inside my aunt's home. and let me just say that this wall showing is just one of the several in the home that are covered frame to frame with random pictures and such.

quack quack on the wall above the basement door which has a ladder you must climb to go below
the other view from her riverfront property, both of which have different bridges
welcome to peaceful valley and my peaceful finger signs

here is the benny and joon house which is directly across the driveway from my aunts.this is a sunroom that she has above her property that also overlooks the river and it is awesome!
the entry to said sunroom-
looking out the window in the sunroom
one of the views from her property
some cool jug/pots/whatever you wanna call em that she has on one dresser. They are actually very pretty and have this shimmery silver border along the white parts.

I am going to post an entirely different blog about the happenings of this family reunion. I had really never met any of the people at this reunion, at least not in my memorable life, other than my dads siblings and their respective offspring. It was "interesting" to see just how crazy and/or different the older generation is. My dad's dad, Joe, who is also biologically my grandfather since that is how science works, has never sent me a card or even called me throughout my life, so this was my first time talking to him at all. He is in his seventies, and is a war veteran, and also a heavy drinker with no teeth and a wild personality. In the next blog, I will introduce you more intimately to him and his many antics!

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