Thursday, June 30, 2011


I am still quite partial toward your standard pen and paper for journaling, but upon further revelation and discoveries as of late, I have decided to do a bit of blogging.

I am currently trying to figure out whether Id like to have some sort of theme to this, or if I will rather just spout off random thoughts and interests and whatnot. I wish I understood design and how to make this look cool, but all in due time...

So far tonight; I have lurked to no end on the interweb, wrote a little in my real life journal, showered, painted my fingernails and toenails twice, listened to certain songs on repeat, read a little of my beloved carl sagan, and also wished I could move on when its so evidently necessary.

As opposed to some's total disagreement with the following statement, I would like to believe that I am generally a very happy person. Easy to get along with, open with my words and mind, funny even.. Yet, there is something so entirely irritating that I find with my tendency to want to totally ignore people. Sometimes I like to attribute it to wisdom... Other times, it may just be mean. But in the end, how much stupidity can you tolerate? I think my best bet is to take little seriously and enjoy those who dont annoy the crap out of me. Sigh.

I will leave you, my two followers, with this pearl of wisdom:

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  1. awww you are such a pearl yourself my love:) I like the background.