Monday, February 8, 2010

go heavy, go with it

I started writing this blog entry about the weather- then I stopped, erased, and started over. Man, how boring would that have been for you to read a blog about weather. Maybe if I were a successful meteorologist it could've been worth your time, but alas, I am not. Therefore, I will write about.... food? Just kidding.

So one of my roommates bakes and cooks several times a week, and its pure bliss. Who could ask for anything better in a roommate? I now know what husbands have to look forward to in marriage, truly. Food just waiting to be consumed that wasn't made by you. And usually, doesn't even have to be cleaned by you afterwards either. That then leads me to wonder what we as women/wives have to look forward to? Sex? Money in the bank? Security? That all seems to pale in comparison to the emotion that a good cookie/meal brings. Is that superficial? Perhaps it is.. The way to the heart is through the stomach though, isn't that what they say? I wish that statement was more truthful, considering that anatomy proves the exact opposite. I guess my knack for Biology does not help my sense of humor too much. Actually, it does improve it, it also just weeds out stupidity.

And you thought I wasn't going to blog about food... Gotcha!

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